Expenses, Tuition Fee & Living Costs for Study in United Kingdom

The cost of studying in the United Kingdom includes tuition fees, living costs, visa costs and travel costs to and from the student’s home country and other expenses like food, books, medicines etc. The tuition fees vary depending on the type of course to courses and the duration of the course.The factors that contribute to the cost of living include accommodation, food and personal expenses.here is the complete analysis about the cost required for study in United Kingdom. Study the table given below for total cost required for education in United Kingdom.

Particulars In Rs In $
IELTS Coaching Rs5200 ~$9
Exam Fees Rs10300 ~$171
Tuition Fees Rs1001000 ~$16638
Living Cost Rs600000 ~$10000
Visa Fees Rs31300 ~$27446
Total Rs1646800 ~ $18208
Less Part Time Earnings Rs550000 ~$9166
Net Cost Rs995600 ~$16593
Assistantships/Scholarships Yes
Nature of Part Time Jobs Off Campus 20 hrs per week

During Vacation 40 hrs per week

Money to be spent by student Rs1096800 ~ $18208

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