Which country has better and more options to financially support it’s students… US or UK???

Which country has better and more options to financially  support it’s students…

US or UK???

Scholarships do play an important role in helping students to support funding and providing financial help while studying abroad. On those lines British Government has taken important steps to help students for their funding in form of scholarships, bursaries to support students strongly during their studies in UK Universities. Large numbers of scholarships are offered to international students for undergraduate, post graduate and research courses which includes living cost and also tuition fees.

Work study options are not available in UK as in US. But still you can meet your ends in UK, i.e. you can pay your tuition fees as well as living cost even if you don’t take up job during your studies.

Students can get the benefit of applying for various scholarships in advance to get the maximum benefits from that university.

But Yes!!! Students are also allowed to work upto 20 hours per week during term- time in duration of their studies and full time during vacations.

But permission has to be taken from your respective University before you take up employment during your course, but most educational institutions do give permission to students to work part time as it is important for students to understand the importance to earn while you learn.


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