USA: Hardships of International students

Many students leave their homeland behind and travel to the USA to pursue higher education. Many students, when they first arrive in the USA, have painted this rosy picture of and with opportunities. They have this huge expectation of landing a high-paying job after the completion of their education. What they never picture is the reverse effect, that it is possible that the grass is not greener on the other side.

Many students who have opted to go to USA for further studies have cited the difficulties of life in the country. Most people struggle with home-sickness. Being so far away from home is a daunting experience and may require a lot of getting used to. Also, life in USA might be very different from that back home and some may struggle to fit in.

You require a lot of emotional intelligence in order to survive here. You are pushed to jump out of your comfort zone. All difficult situations you encounter will be solved by your sheer determination alone because you are on your own. There is no family or friend at hand to help you out.

Lifestyle in USA is such that people value their independence and privacy more than human companionship. They lead a fast paced life and may not have time to sit back and help you out. Hence, you will have to be very mature in order to handle life there. You will have to accept the fact that people will not talk to you unless they have some business with you.

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