MS in Singapore

Singapore is a nation pulsing with vigorous activity in it. It is vivacious and scintillating in terms of education. This is the reason it is termed as ‘global schoolhouse’. It puts education in its first priority and hence education in Singapore is leading not only in Asia as well as worldwide. The ‘USP’ of  education in Singapore is their nexus with industries. Thus providing you practical approach with your course program.
Singapore is a contemporary society. It proves its vibrating skills in field of research and technology. This trend makes Singapore an attractive place for education to international students aspiring for higher studies. Another thing which makes it suitable for students is easy commutation in this place. You can commute to places easily and efficiently with their punctual trains and public transport. They are known for not being late, anytime; and be right on time, every time. More to this Singapore have their award winning airports permitting you to travel to off shores or on shores.


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Why Singapore?
Singapore has seven national universities and other private universities also. Accommodating about 30,000 students each in two of its largest universities. Singapore is piqued about its National University of Singapore. It ranks 25th among the top global universities in QS world ranking universities. Not only this, in few criteria its ranks in the top 10 universities thus proving it’s all rounder attitude.
Moreover currently 18% of the seats are reserved for international student. The government is trying to reduce this proportion of foreign students to give more chance and exposure to their domestic student. The proportion can be 15% after the maximum cut off. Still there enough seats in thousands for international student to take advantage of the opportunity. Singapore has collaboration with other countries also thus foreign student have wide set of horizon of information and research.
You have to apply to the universities directly. Therefore you need to be sure about the deadline and criteria of each university before applying. As a foreign student you make also limit to some courses so you have to make a note of that before you proceed.

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