Cost of Living in Singapore

Cost of living in Singapore include Many factors Like  Accommodation, Food, Transportation, Telecommunications and other things like Medicine etc. This blog will tell you the totat budget of living in Singapore.

Cost of Living in Singapore for one person for one month.
Expenses In Rs In $  
Accommodation ~20,000Rs S$200 – S$500 Price varies on type of accommodation,

facilities provided and the number of

people sharing

Food ~20,000Rs From S$300 Based on 3 meals a day at S$10
Transportation ~5000Rs From S$80 Varies on type of transportation
Telecommunications ~2000Rs From S$30 Varies with usage and promotional

packages subscribed

Other Expenses ~10,000Rs S$50 – S$200 Depends on individual lifestyle
Expenses per Month ~40,000Rs From average of S$650/750/month
Total Expenses per Year ~6,00,000Rs From average of S$8,400/Year (4 Lacks per Year)

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