Canada: Work Opportunities for International Students

Many students, especially those from developing countries, opt to study abroad in order to enhance their resume and improve their employability. But studying in countries like Canada is not easy on the pockets due to its high tuition fees and substantial cost of living. Hence many international students opt to work part-time in order to bear their expenses and not be out of pockets in a land very far away from home.

According to the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), a department of Canadian government, international students in the country may work on campus or off campus or can opt to work as a co–op student or intern, if they want to earn while they study in order to support their pocket.

Work On-campus

Working on-campus is a very convenient way for resident students who have time between their classes. The only considerations are

  • You must be full-time student.
  • Should have a valid study permit.

You can opt to work as

  • Temporary administrative staff
  • Library clerks and shelvers
  • Peer tutors
  • Resident assistants
  • Coordinators and assistants

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